Tonkotsu Ramen!


What came over me to make this tedious, yet delicious masterpiece? An intense craving after seeing countless Instagrams over the weekend of big bowls of ramen! Have wanted to make it since last year, when I made the Japanese Miso Ramen, but was too lazy to boil the bones for so long. This was definitely a tedious dish to make, a 12 hour project, but honestly, with time and patience, you too can make it. It is a standard tonkatsu broth with only salt added. The condiments in ramen, combined with the rich sticky broth, is what makes the dish. The meat and the egg were also meticulously made to compliment the dish. Fried garlic in sesame oil was also made to enhance the dish. In addition, when you are single and basically eat by yourself, you have a ton of leftovers in which it is easy to freeze the soup base and the noodles for future consumption. I am super happy with the way it turned out and I know if you follow the steps and ask yourself for patience, you can do it too! Please let me know if you do it! I will applaud and cheer for you!


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Pasta alla Vodka with Salmon!


I begin studying for the Bar today! After a week long vacation of doing absolutely nothing productive besides making good food, and eating good food around San Diego, the day has dawned and I will embark on this loner journey called studying for the bar. I already envision many anxious sleepless nights freaking out, tons of coffee/caffeine in whatever forms, lots of memorization, a painful right hand as I review and memorize on paper, sore eyes, dark circles. LOL I totally envision aging during this process. Any recommendations of anti-aging cream? I hope to still update this blog of my sanity throughout this process, and I don’t want ya’ll to forget about me when I become MIA!

Italian food is still my favorite food. I LOVE pasta and sauces and anything with tomatoes and basil in it. I have had salmon pasta alla vodka at several Italian places, but the one I remember the most is the creamy, awesome one at Arrivederci in Hillcrest. It is a super cute Italian place – I absolutely LOVE their bread (I get like 5 baskets when I am there) with their awesome tomato sauce dip that leaves you craving for more. Go check it out if you can! It really is so awesome.


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Best Black Bean Burgers – BBBB


After my last final, I went on a mini family vacay to Utah – Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon!!! I will talk about Zion Canyon in this post! I was so excited to see the beautiful Zion since I have heard such great things about it. When we got there, we were in a cute lodge, Pioneer Lodge, in Springdale, UT, right outside the South entrance to the park. It was a cute country folk, western lodge with clean and comfy down comforters and pillows. Outside, the little town had other cute lodges, cafes, and shops. But the grand part was that the town was surrounded by the majestic, big, towering RED mountains of Zion. We dropped our stuff off and went into the park. The park is closed to vehicles in the Summer so there are constant shuttles that take you inside the canyon at the Visitor Center. Super convenient! It drops you off at the trail heads so you can take short or long hikes into the canyon. We went to the furthest stop first and hiked the Riverside Walk, which takes you along the Virgin River and winds through the canyons. It was so beautiful – words can’t describe. You need to see it for yourself! We also climbed onto the Weeping Rock, where water runs down the rocks and you are standing inside this cave-like thing and staring out into Zion Canyon. So beautiful! The next day, we went on a hike to the Emerald Pools, all 3 pools, Lower, Middle, and Upper. The moss/algae makes the bottom of the pool green-ish and it is pretty cool because these pools act like little oasis in the mountains. What is cool about Zion is that the canyons are formed through intense flash floods, which is crazy to me because the canyons are so tall, you can’t really imagine water running through at high, fast levels. What is beautiful though, because of the Virgin River and the water, there are tons of trees and vegetation throughout, with signs all over that tell you what certain trees/plants are. Super cool and it feels like I am at a garden or something. Here are some beautiful pictures. I hope that you can someday enjoy it! It is only about 2.5 hours away from Las Vegas!!!


Court of the Patriarchs


Emerald Pools


View from Weeping Rock


Virgin River/Riverside Walk
















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Tuna Casserole Comfort


Wow, I cannot believe that 3 years went by this quickly and that I now have a J.D. (Congrats to everyone who got one this year!!!) It definitely is a milestone that I am super proud of – that I did it, that I was sort of happy doing it, that I didn’t have a bad time, that it was easier than losing weight, and that I actually thought it was easier than undergrad. Maybe because I am crazy and take on a work and school load way out of proportion in relation to other people. During undergrad, I was an econ major, along with 2 minors: law and society and communications. On top of that I was working as a barista 30 hours a week and even more so, engaged in tons of social activities. And then in law school, my second year, I was working 2 jobs and taking 5 classes. I’m just crazy. I mean I don’t have straight As obviously, but what I learned from all that, besides that I am crazy and want to learn as much stuff as possible so it preps me for conversations in the world, is that I could handle a load like that and with happiness! Of course, that cut down my reading hours to none and instead, used my spare time to watch endless Netflix and marathons of shows. I for some reason felt like I had more time in law school – maybe because of the lack of midterms and only one test that determines your grade. I guess I left law school unscathed and to that, I am truly thankful. But now, with the bar exam in July looming, I am quite nervous of whether I have the work ethic to get through it. Will update this blog periodically I hope of my sanity/mental health. I really hope the “losing weight is much harder than law school” carries over to bar studying, where I can say “losing weight was harder than the bar”. Ah, I hope, I hope. Here are some pics from my graduation and with the fam!


Here is some comforting tuna casserole for me to indulge in, and for you to feel sorry for me haha. The sundried tomatoes added makes the dish a little tangy and more scrumptious than normal. You can always mix and match the stuff you put into tuna casseroles because it is forgiving in that way. Things don’t really overpower the overwhelming tuna, but instead, act like compliments. I really liked the peas and sundried tomatoes- hope you do too!

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Thai Red Curry with Shrimp!

So last October I went to Portland and got to experience the best food, the best city, the best Thai food there. I seriously fell in love with Portland and I cannot wait to go back! There were a ton of ethnic foods, especially Southeast Asian foods- tons of Thai restaurants (expensive and cheap) and Thai food trucks, Indonesian, and Singaporean. It really is a hub of cultures and truly beats SF in terms of the ‘foodie’ capital. No kidding. You have to go visit yourself!!! Anyway, I normally don’t like Thai curry and never get it at restaurants because I have an innate disgust with anything coconut. I always get the pad thai or pad kee mao or tom yum – who’s with me here? Well, in Portland, my life changed when I was craving something warm and creamy (it was raining and cold that night) and my friend told me to order the Red Curry at the Thai restaurant (E-San Thai in Downtown Portland). Feeling adventurous in a new city, I decided to order it against my good old judgment and it TURNED OUT AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it – it was so mind blowingly delicious. Maybe it was the restaurant, but it was so amazing I could cry. Anyway, here I am months later, I still don’t eat anything coconut related, infused, or touched, but I do find myself craving Red Curry. Here is a super easy recipe and pretty delicious too!

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Pitaya Bowl!



HEALTH FOOD MEGA POST!!!! I love healthy foods as you all know- the weirder the better. I love the fascination with all this raw stuff lately and totally have toyed with the idea of going on a raw food diet for a week. Maybe when I am not about to study for finals and the bar. But anyway, if you haven’t heard, PITAYA has been popular for a year now – a very distant, more popular cousin in pop culture of the ACAI berry – but it is actually a DRAGON FRUIT! Dragon fruits are those pink crazy weird looking fruits you see at Asian supermarkets. My mom bought some once and eating the fruit inside of a real, fresh dragon fruit was totally meh. It was white on the inside with edible seeds, way slimy and lacked flavor. I had no idea that the famous pitaya was actually dragon fruit. The Asian ones however are white in flesh, whereas the Mexican and South American varieties have a red/pink hue. This is definitely a quality it shares with the acai berry: it has a big vibrant hue to it and is definitely the new craze of food health junkies. I tried a pitaya bowl for the first time a month ago at PB’s Rum Jungle and I loved it! The pitaya bowl is a lot less berry tasting, not sweet, and sorta has a slimy texture to it. Pitaya is normally paired with the same stuff as acai so they are both super interchangeable in terms of how you make them in smoothies and bowls. You can purchase pitaya packets at Whole Foods!!! Sprouts doesn’t have them yet (or at least at my local one doesn’t). I used to do a lot of those fun, fast facts about interesting food items so here are some about pitaya:

Fun facts:

1. Pitaya flowers only bloom at night so only bats and moths fertilize them. (kinda like how a bee polinizes flowers).

2. They originated in Mexico, but spread in popularity and cultivation in Southeast Asia.

3. There are many varieties- the Asian store bought ones have white meat with seeds dotted all over it inside; the smoothie pack variety is the pitahaya roja, which has a pinkish meat with seeds dotted all over it inside.

4. If you eat a lot of pitaya, your pee might turn reddish HAHAHA.

5. It has powerful antioxidents, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber and omega-3s. All awesome stuff to keep you healthy and sane.

Here is a pretty powerful pitaya bowl recipe that I used for my first homemade bowl! Acai and pitaya are fun in that it can be paired with anything fun and healthy and colorful in your kitchen. Try it today since it’s so hot outside!


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Simple Tomato Pasta Sauce

This is the simplest and most delicious and addicting pasta sauce ever. I don’t know if I can go back to regular jarred sauces anymore! It truly is simple- only 3 ingredients- canned whole tomatoes (San Marzano if you are feeling rich), butter, and onion. It tastes like those fresh pasta sauces at Italian restaurants. It is tangy and sweet and buttery. I love it so much. I dare you to love it. And I know you will succeed.

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Oven “Fried” Chicken!


Mmmmm finally my 3 week long craving is satisfied! This recipe is awesomely easy and delicious and cheap. It’s a quick way to get your fried chicken fix. And it doesn’t involve any oil for frying – basically a bit healthier than restaurants. The flavor doesn’t disappoint either. Try it today! I guarantee it doesn’t disappoint!

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Seared Ahi Tuna!

New look for the website!!! I switched to WordPress for a cleaner look and hopefully someday I will host my own website when I get all big and professional!!! Look for lots of new things on the site in the coming months! I have tons of new posts on the way and can’t wait to share them with you! Your reading and excitement keeps my blog alive and me motivated. Hope you like the new look!

The gourmet seared ahi tuna! I made this awhile ago but never shared the recipe. Everyone was so shocked about this because you know it’s expensive at restaurants so people think it’s super hard to make. Well guess what? It’s not!!! Please try it!!!! At home, you can have as much as your heart desires as opposed the 4 pieces you get on top of a salad at restaurants! Buy a fresh chunk of ahi tuna and sear away!!! It is super easy and perfect for summer!!!

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Ultimate Open Faced Tuna Melt!

Hallelujah! We have been blessed with a few days of hot hot weather!!! I guess I used to be really sun obsessed, but lately I haven’t had much desire to lay out and brown my skin! I don’t know what it is! Maybe the talk about too much sun exposure and its consequences have finally gotten to me? Or maybe I realize how easily I tan (basically when I stand outside) and I don’t want to be too brown these days? Or maybe because I lived in SF over the summer and my body doesn’t like blazing hot sun directly on it? Seems pretty far off from the days where I thought 110 degree days were normal growing up hahah. Anyway, I finally brought myself and a friend over the weekend to lay out on the beach in the late afternoon and it was nice and breezy. It felt nice as opposed to baking in the sun. My body loves warmer weather and quickly deteriorates when its semi ‘cold(er)’- it really has a knack for getting sick when the weather changes :(. Since it was cold and rainy the past few weeks, I have been sick for the past few weeks. I am totally back on the grind with this warm weather- and I have been craving fish. Tuna fish. Strange I know. I don’t even like canned tuna that much. But I was craving a tuna fish sandwich all week so I decided to make one. Mmmm was it goooooood. A lot of you liked it on Instagram too. It is so easy to like spice up a boring tuna fish sandwich! See below!

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