Ultimate Open Faced Tuna Melt!

Hallelujah! We have been blessed with a few days of hot hot weather!!! I guess I used to be really sun obsessed, but lately I haven’t had much desire to lay out and brown my skin! I don’t know what it is! Maybe the talk about too much sun exposure and its consequences have finally gotten to me? Or maybe I realize how easily I tan (basically when I stand outside) and I don’t want to be too brown these days? Or maybe because I lived in SF over the summer and my body doesn’t like blazing hot sun directly on it? Seems pretty far off from the days where I thought 110 degree days were normal growing up hahah. Anyway, I finally brought myself and a friend over the weekend to lay out on the beach in the late afternoon and it was nice and breezy. It felt nice as opposed to baking in the sun. My body loves warmer weather and quickly deteriorates when its semi ‘cold(er)’- it really has a knack for getting sick when the weather changes :(. Since it was cold and rainy the past few weeks, I have been sick for the past few weeks. I am totally back on the grind with this warm weather- and I have been craving fish. Tuna fish. Strange I know. I don’t even like canned tuna that much. But I was craving a tuna fish sandwich all week so I decided to make one. Mmmm was it goooooood. A lot of you liked it on Instagram too. It is so easy to like spice up a boring tuna fish sandwich! See below!

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Chicken Veggie Wrap

This is another treat I discovered at OB People’s Market…a local heaven for vegetarians and vegans! And carnivores like me who love veggies in her life! I like how light this wrap is and packed with veggies. With the right sauces, such as Cilantro&Chive Yogurt Dip and Tahini with the chicken, it keeps this wrap fresh and delightful! I ate this prior to my first 5k!!! The Color Run!!! And felt the energy from it without feeling weighed down. Perfect!

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Caramelized Pork Belly Banh Mi!

The other Vietnamese thing I like is Banh Mi! However, I only like it when the bread is soft and it doesnt cut the roof of your mouth…lol and only when pork or beef is inside. I have been meaning to make some sort of pork belly for some time now [I usually love getting it at restaurants and my dad makes mean Chinese versions]! Since I am on this Viet snack making spree, I figured I would give this Vietnamese version a try. The meat turned out very flavorful and soft and made the homemade sandwiches extra delicious. I will definitely make it again!

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