Thai Red Curry with Shrimp!

So last October I went to Portland and got to experience the best food, the best city, the best Thai food there. I seriously fell in love with Portland and I cannot wait to go back! There were a ton of ethnic foods, especially Southeast Asian foods- tons of Thai restaurants (expensive and cheap) and Thai food trucks, Indonesian, and Singaporean. It really is a hub of cultures and truly beats SF in terms of the ‘foodie’ capital. No kidding. You have to go visit yourself!!! Anyway, I normally don’t like Thai curry and never get it at restaurants because I have an innate disgust with anything coconut. I always get the pad thai or pad kee mao or tom yum – who’s with me here? Well, in Portland, my life changed when I was craving something warm and creamy (it was raining and cold that night) and my friend told me to order the Red Curry at the Thai restaurant (E-San Thai¬†in Downtown Portland). Feeling adventurous in a new city, I decided to order it against my good old judgment and it TURNED OUT AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it – it was so mind blowingly delicious. Maybe it was the restaurant, but it was so amazing I could cry. Anyway, here I am months later, I still don’t eat anything coconut related, infused, or touched, but I do find myself craving Red Curry. Here is a super easy recipe and pretty delicious too!

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Lobster & Shrimp Mac & Cheese!

Sorry about my weeks long hiatus on posting-just been super busy with school and finals are coming up! Along with that hectic schedule, I have a knack for craving comfort foods. I am not much of a cheese person, (I don’t like cheeseboards or even brie cheese that much), but I LOVE mac&cheese!!! I like them soupy, like Souplantation’s, or baked, like gourmet. So you ask, why did I decide to make such a fancy mac&cheese in the midst of my busy schedule? Well, I was walking around Food4Less one day, and I stumbled upon some cooked, frozen lobster tails for only $5! I am used to eating fresh ones, so I wasn’t going to bring it home to make a surf and turf, but I thought it’d be a great idea to throw the lobster meat into mac&cheese to fancy it up a bit! When I finally pounded the lobster tail open though, I realized that there probably wasn’t enough for my dish, so I decided to throw in some shrimp for some added meat and seafood! Turned out delicious!!!

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My Take on Spring Rolls!

Fresh Spring Rolls! For those who know me, know that Vietnamese food is my least fav asian food. Nothing against it, but it always meshes interestingly in my taste buds- sometimes good, sometimes bad. I think its all the different fresh herbs and flavors and when I am not in the mood for it, I just dont want it. BUT lately I’ve had a craving for spring rolls! I think I’ve been craving simple tastes with strong dipping sauces. Actually, I don’t really know. My cravings are super random….Anyway, I bought all the ingredients and rolled them up, but BOY were they difficult to roll up!!! Vietnamese people make it look so effortless; I was totally struggling, and had to throw away a few rice wrappers. Sigh… practice makes perfect? I also bought the wrong¬†vermicelli- theres like 5 different kinds at the store -_-. But thank god I had some left from my Thai food making obsession. [more on that some other day]

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