Tonkotsu Ramen!


What came over me to make this tedious, yet delicious masterpiece? An intense craving after seeing countless Instagrams over the weekend of big bowls of ramen! Have wanted to make it since last year, when I made the Japanese Miso Ramen, but was too lazy to boil the bones for so long. This was definitely a tedious dish to make, a 12 hour project, but honestly, with time and patience, you too can make it. It is a standard tonkatsu broth with only salt added. The condiments in ramen, combined with the rich sticky broth, is what makes the dish. The meat and the egg were also meticulously made to compliment the dish. Fried garlic in sesame oil was also made to enhance the dish. In addition, when you are single and basically eat by yourself, you have a ton of leftovers in which it is easy to freeze the soup base and the noodles for future consumption. I am super happy with the way it turned out and I know if you follow the steps and ask yourself for patience, you can do it too! Please let me know if you do it! I will applaud and cheer for you!


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Pork and Chive Dumplings!

From time to time I like to go back to my household roots and make things my mom or dad makes. I have been heckling my dad to create a Chinese recipe book so I can use it in the future in my own household. If you don’t know, my dad is a great cook. He can seriously make anything. Right now he is working on perfecting Chinese rice noodles, ya know the ones you get a dim sum. I wish I can be at home all the time to document his successes (i.e. macarons, Japanese cheesecakes) but being that I am in SD, I will have to do my best to find it in my memory to create the things I love eating at home. Here are some delicious pork and chive dumplings. Its a tsk tsk thing though, I did buy the potsticker wrappers this time, but in the future I will try my hand in making the wrappers.

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Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

This is seriously one of the best fancy side dishes ever. It can probably get you to eat your veggies! (Although it might be a tad bit expensive to eat this gourmet dish all the time!) Anyway, totally worth it if you want to snack by yourself, or prepare it for a hot date. I prefer to not share, so I will just eat it all alone. haha.

A few fun facts:

1. It’s native to most of Europe
2. A recipe for asparagus is found in the oldest known book of recipes from third century AD
3. US got this beautiful veggie in 1850
4. There are albino asparagus!!! WHITE ones!!! Very popular in countries such as Netherlands, Span, France and Switzerland
5. Low calorie source of potassium and folate, with tons of antioxidants
6. South Koreans have studied that asparagus helps with hangovers
7. There is an annual asparagus festival in Stockton, CA (Central Valley) where the main source of asparagus for the US

I hope you get addicted to this dish too! 🙂

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Japanese Miso Ramen with Pork!

‘Twas a cold and rainy day and everyone was posting pictures of ramen, while I sat at work eating lettuce and at school eating nothing. You see, I have been on this obsession to get skinny so lettuce and celery sticks are a staple currently. I couldn’t help but drool…I get cravings once I start seeing pictures of the same thing from people and then its like an obsession until I make it. So I spent hours today dreaming of what my ramen would taste like. Normally, at ramen places I order the miso ramen with pork. I never really knew what went in those salty but delicious soups, but I figured it was a lot of tasty fats and salt. I’ve been to numerous ramen places and had different types of soup bases– miso, shoyu, that black looking one, and my favorite: Orenchi’s fatty ass pork base hahah. I dream to have it again someday…hopefully this summer while in NorCal =). Anyway, the ramen I made turned out to taste pretty close to what I find out in the big bad world! I actually improvised a lot this time–hope ya’ll like my recipe! Its actually uber easy to make. I know someday I will try to make a pork base– stay tuned!

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Caramelized Pork Belly Banh Mi!

The other Vietnamese thing I like is Banh Mi! However, I only like it when the bread is soft and it doesnt cut the roof of your mouth…lol and only when pork or beef is inside. I have been meaning to make some sort of pork belly for some time now [I usually love getting it at restaurants and my dad makes mean Chinese versions]! Since I am on this Viet snack making spree, I figured I would give this Vietnamese version a try. The meat turned out very flavorful and soft and made the homemade sandwiches extra delicious. I will definitely make it again!

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Kale and Bacon Lasagna!

It’s been awhile! I moved back to SD for Spring semester of my second year in law school so its been quite hectic trying to settle back in. For the holidays, I got a few new kitchen appliances to play with! I really hope that it will pave the way to many more posts! Now on to the food I made tonight =)

I first saw this cute little recipe on Skinny Taste! It was so clever– instead of layering the lasagna parts, you roll the noodle with the filling! I wanted to be healthier for the new year, so instead of my usual all fat everything ingredients, I used fat free ricotta instead. I also forgot to buy mushrooms, but luckily  had bacon. For those of you who know me though…I don’t really like bacon, but I had to use it for my potato leek soup the other night. Well, no matter what, this kale bacon lasagna is amazingly good!

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