Fresh Goji Berry Juice!


 Sorry haven’t posted in awhile! Been busy moving and starting a new job! Because I don’t have to buy groceries/cook for 6 months, I tried to do as much cooking/baking while still at home so I have a collection to share with you all during my stay here. I am currently living in Milpitas if anyone is wondering! So far, I really like it here – it’s cheap, I am living comfortably, and I have time to read for pleasure! I think I am still in a bit of a hermit mode because of studying for the Bar – I really am enjoying this personal time I have for myself right now and getting my shit together – it’s time to shine!!! as my best friend put it! But with this leisure time, I have found myself getting back into reading for pleasure. There are sooooo many books I want to read, re-read, and learn from them. Currently, I am finishing Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness – it is about his life, successes, and thoughts leading up to the development of Zappos. I was first acquainted with this book because my friend’s boss bought her whole company the book. I was reading, waiting for her to get ready, and found myself not being able to take my eyes off of it. When I got the chance, I ordered a copy of it for myself to finish. I have to say it is written VERY well and it is so entertaining. I really enjoy reading his thoughts on life, and the things he looks for in life. He really touches upon things that my friends and I have thought about, and have done (like catching the end of an era in raving, and finding himself in his late 20s). Of course, there is a lot to learn from him – the risks he takes, the importance of building culture, and ultimately, delivering happiness to everyone in his life. It really is remarkable how many things he has achieved during his relatively young life. It is inspirational. Aside from reading that book, I got a copy of Benson Bobrick’s Master of War – a book about the short life of General George H. Thomas. My neighbor loaned his truck to deliver our new toilets to our house and on our way, he told me about this extraordinary man – at West Point, the faculty there studied war battles, and one of General Thomas’  battle during the Civil War was one of two perfect battles in history. The other was one of Napoleon’s. Unfortunately, General Thomas died about 4 years after the battle in San Francisco and was never recognized in history, until now. I can’t wait to read this, and go borrow some more books from him!



My sister picking the berries off the prickly plant!

Anyway, my aunt grows goji berries in her yard! We picked her up for dinner over the weekend and my sister and dad picked the berries off the prickly plants! We got two boxes full and I couldn’t wait to make fresh goji berry juice!!! I have seen it at Whole Foods before, but because fresh goji berries are hard to keep while fresh, people dry the berries. Usually, juice is made from soaking the dried goji berries and then blending them. But I had the luxury to blend the fresh berries and with some lime and coconut juice. Turned out delicious and I have been drinking it every day before work! It is full of antioxidants, is said to be the fountain of youth, and can treat many health problems! But definitely discuss with your doctor if you take drugs for blood pressure or diabetes as it can interact with your drugs. The juice tastes funky, but it isn’t too bad with the lime – you will get used to it!

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Pitaya Bowl!



HEALTH FOOD MEGA POST!!!! I love healthy foods as you all know- the weirder the better. I love the fascination with all this raw stuff lately and totally have toyed with the idea of going on a raw food diet for a week. Maybe when I am not about to study for finals and the bar. But anyway, if you haven’t heard, PITAYA has been popular for a year now – a very distant, more popular cousin in pop culture of the ACAI berry – but it is actually a DRAGON FRUIT! Dragon fruits are those pink crazy weird looking fruits you see at Asian supermarkets. My mom bought some once and eating the fruit inside of a real, fresh dragon fruit was totally meh. It was white on the inside with edible seeds, way slimy and lacked flavor. I had no idea that the famous pitaya was actually dragon fruit. The Asian ones however are white in flesh, whereas the Mexican and South American varieties have a red/pink hue. This is definitely a quality it shares with the acai berry: it has a big vibrant hue to it and is definitely the new craze of food health junkies. I tried a pitaya bowl for the first time a month ago at PB’s Rum Jungle and I loved it! The pitaya bowl is a lot less berry tasting, not sweet, and sorta has a slimy texture to it. Pitaya is normally paired with the same stuff as acai so they are both super interchangeable in terms of how you make them in smoothies and bowls. You can purchase pitaya packets at Whole Foods!!! Sprouts doesn’t have them yet (or at least at my local one doesn’t). I used to do a lot of those fun, fast facts about interesting food items so here are some about pitaya:

Fun facts:

1. Pitaya flowers only bloom at night so only bats and moths fertilize them. (kinda like how a bee polinizes flowers).

2. They originated in Mexico, but spread in popularity and cultivation in Southeast Asia.

3. There are many varieties- the Asian store bought ones have white meat with seeds dotted all over it inside; the smoothie pack variety is the pitahaya roja, which has a pinkish meat with seeds dotted all over it inside.

4. If you eat a lot of pitaya, your pee might turn reddish HAHAHA.

5. It has powerful antioxidents, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, fiber and omega-3s. All awesome stuff to keep you healthy and sane.

Here is a pretty powerful pitaya bowl recipe that I used for my first homemade bowl! Acai and pitaya are fun in that it can be paired with anything fun and healthy and colorful in your kitchen. Try it today since it’s so hot outside!


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