Flourless Chewy Chocolate Cookies!


I have been going to Starbucks almost every day to get iced coffee and I saw this flourless chocolate chewy cookie on display and I hella wanted one. But then I decided to procrastinate and make them so I didn’t have to limit myself to one! These are magnificently chewy and chocolatey – but make sure you eat them in a day or two (or share) or else they get hard.

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Double Chocolate Cookies!


Doubly chocolate coooookies! Studying for finals and needed my chocolate fix. I wish I had luxurious dutch processed cocoa and dark chocolate chips, but normal cocoa and semi sweet does the job. Since double chocolate cookies are dark in the oven, you can’t really tell when they are done or not so slightly underbake them if you aren’t sure! I hope these cookies give me super powers to get me through my last 2 finals of my law school career. Crazy!

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Moist Gluten-Free (Flourless) Brownies!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I hope everyone has plans, but if not, I will be going out to downtown with my roomie so come with! 🙂 I definitely am celebrating this year full force with wine, brownies, and good friends – no need for a significant other when you have so many people who love you and people you love back ❤ Hope everyone enjoys whatever you are doing and I wish everyone the best on their love life, single life, in between life, and don’t know life hahah ❤ Love love!

By the way, these brownies are totes awesome and totally low calorie and packed with protein (replaced flour with black beans) so make them for your lover and friends who are figure-conscious!

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Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips

I used to make this all the time, almost twice a month because I would bring it to work! But since I am not working this semester really that much and I don’t have an office to go to, I have delayed making this. I finally was like I’m craving chocolate and my roomies will eat it, so Sunday night baking commenced! This pumpkin bread is super easy. I can’t stress how something so delicious can be so easy to make! You can add the chocolate chips if you want, or not. I was craving chocolate at the moment. Ever since my epic half marathon, I have basically eaten everything in sight. I need to go on a cleanse ASAP. I keep delaying it, but I think I will do one after the holidays. In the meantime, get fat! hehe

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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…

OMG. These cookies are like amazing. I couldn’t believe it when I ate one this morning when I got up and baked these at 6am before I headed to work. The very very slight crispy when you bite into it, and the soft chewy cookie bursting with caramel nut flavor…sigh…anyway, I really do think its the brown butter that makes this cookie sooo good. I’ve never had a more fragrant cookie. When I was making the brown butter, which is basically boiling butter in a saucepan until it turns sort of brownish and brown sediment sinks to the bottom, my whole apartment smelled like melted butter on popcorn at the movie theatres –> to caramel popcorn –> to that rich nutty syrupy smell. It is beyond amazing. Now I really might have a brown butter obsession because of this…until I make the next thing, I’m going to be dreaming about this cookie. Yes, its that good…

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Nutella Chocolate Cake with Strawberries!

Ever have a craving for chocolate? Hell, I guess everyone does!!! Chocolate and nutella? Even better! I’ve made many chocolate cupcakes before, but I have never really ever been into making cakes- normally its too big and since I’m forever alone I can’t eat it at all or distribute it. This recipe is one of the most moistest, chocolatey, soft cake texture I have ever made! So excited this will become my go-to chocolate cake 🙂 Some fun facts about nutella? An Italian made this up and formed the company Ferrero, with plants all over… the North American nutella is made in Canada. Each jar contains 50 hazelnuts… it has 67% of saturated fat, and 2 tbsp of nutella contains 200 calories!!! A typical candy bar has 250 calories…yikes! Nutella is cray. Because of this awful health makeup, there was a 2012 class action suit for false advertising by Nutella…the label claimed and marketed it as part of a nutritional breakfast! Can you believe that?! Well, the company ended up paying $3 million. World nutella day is February 5. Must remember that for next year. Make this simple cake for your next potluck or fancy dinner! 🙂

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Double Chocolate Chip Heath Bar Cookies

When I made these divine, soft, and chewy cookies, it was for a company potluck because one of my fellow interns was going back to NYC for the rest of his internship. I of course had to make two things late the night before because I am still such a procrastinator and somewhat of a cooking overachiever….sigh. Anyway, by the time the potluck rolled around, I had already been interning at Venmo for a month. So far so good! I am so thankful to be there and take everyday as a learning experience. I really do love the company am so so thankful for the opportunity to be in a time of growth! (For those of you who don’t know what Venmo is, please please please sign up! It makes life so much easier and seriously is the best thing…ever. Ask anyone who uses it!)

Back to my cookies. I learned a while back that cookies are best when you freeze the cookie dough for at least a few hours or overnight before you bake it because the butter needs time to rest to do its magic. Before this knowledge, I had always wondered why my cookies alwayssss turned out flat and blehhhh compared to store bought kinds that were big, chewy, and thick. When the chef came in to cook for us at the office, her cookies were so blehhhh so I told everyone that I could make better cookies. I hope I lived up to the hype…there were no leftovers and the moms took a few home to their sugar hungry kids. I think these cookies were quite the hit…

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Chocolate Custard Cake!

When I saw this cake on White on Rice Couple’s blog, my eyes grew big and immediately made the decision to make it…this week. This week also happened to my boss’ birthday and last day at the company so it was the perfect excuse to bake it. I ate a slice for breakfast to ‘test’ it out to make sure its not poisonous before I feed it to people. haha I ate it right out of the fridge – but you should eat it room temperature because it will have a more softened custard like texture. It also isn’t that sweet, so its perfect!

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Compost Cookies!

In the summer, I was exposed to the world of the Momofuku Milk Bar layer cakes. I was so obsessed with the way it looked that my very first cookbook became the Milk Bar cookbook! For those of you who don’t know this place, its a very famous bakery/restaurant in New York. Their layer cakes and cookies are made with a very interesting mix of ingredients. I spent all summer collecting different things required to make most of the things in the cookbook: cake rings, acetate, quarter sheet pans, glucose, grapeseed oil, mini choc chips for every flavor imaginable, milk powder– the list goes on and on. Its never ending if you want to make something from this cookbook haha! But its fun to walk around the grocery store and see something and be like OH! I can use it for X recipe in the cookbook! I followed the recipe exactly, but if I were to make it again, I would have made the cookie portions smaller because the cookies spread, and I like my cookies medium sized. My friends love them, so I guess I cant complain since I only eat like one. haha! The cookbook is great because the recipes reflect exactly what you get if you go to the actual bakery to buy it– even the sizing of it all is the same =) Recipe after the jump!

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