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After my last final, I went on a mini family vacay to Utah – Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon!!! I will talk about Zion Canyon in this post! I was so excited to see the beautiful Zion since I have heard such great things about it. When we got there, we were in a cute lodge, Pioneer Lodge, in Springdale, UT, right outside the South entrance to the park. It was a cute country folk, western lodge with clean and comfy down comforters and pillows. Outside, the little town had other cute lodges, cafes, and shops. But the grand part was that the town was surrounded by the majestic, big, towering RED mountains of Zion. We dropped our stuff off and went into the park. The park is closed to vehicles in the Summer so there are constant shuttles that take you inside the canyon at the Visitor Center. Super convenient! It drops you off at the trail heads so you can take short or long hikes into the canyon. We went to the furthest stop first and hiked the Riverside Walk, which takes you along the Virgin River and winds through the canyons. It was so beautiful – words can’t describe. You need to see it for yourself! We also climbed onto the Weeping Rock, where water runs down the rocks and you are standing inside this cave-like thing and staring out into Zion Canyon. So beautiful! The next day, we went on a hike to the Emerald Pools, all 3 pools, Lower, Middle, and Upper. The moss/algae makes the bottom of the pool green-ish and it is pretty cool because these pools act like little oasis in the mountains. What is cool about Zion is that the canyons are formed through intense flash floods, which is crazy to me because the canyons are so tall, you can’t really imagine water running through at high, fast levels. What is beautiful though, because of the Virgin River and the water, there are tons of trees and vegetation throughout, with signs all over that tell you what certain trees/plants are. Super cool and it feels like I am at a garden or something. Here are some beautiful pictures. I hope that you can someday enjoy it! It is only about 2.5 hours away from Las Vegas!!!


Court of the Patriarchs


Emerald Pools


View from Weeping Rock


Virgin River/Riverside Walk
















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First it was the cronut and now its the ramen burger that everyone is raving about. Chef Keizo Shimamoto apparently wants to make a restaurant that makes these. At a festival in Brooklyn last weekend, he made 150 burgers to sell one day, and the next 300, generating buzz and long lines. People waited for 2 hours for one! Crazy! Social media and news websites have been buzzing over it and it seems like ramen noodles as buns are poised to be added as a bun option like lettuce or donuts! Of course I had to see what the hype was about and since I am about 3500 miles away from NYC, the only way to eat that is to make it on my own! My verdict? Its goooood! But I don’t think I will make the noodles into the bun again…its too much work when I can just throw it all together and make ramen beef noodles. And if I had to buy it? Probably only pay up to $5 for it. 🙂 Have fun with it!!!

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