Tonkotsu Ramen!


What came over me to make this tedious, yet delicious masterpiece? An intense craving after seeing countless Instagrams over the weekend of big bowls of ramen! Have wanted to make it since last year, when I made the Japanese Miso Ramen, but was too lazy to boil the bones for so long. This was definitely a tedious dish to make, a 12 hour project, but honestly, with time and patience, you too can make it. It is a standard tonkatsu broth with only salt added. The condiments in ramen, combined with the rich sticky broth, is what makes the dish. The meat and the egg were also meticulously made to compliment the dish. Fried garlic in sesame oil was also made to enhance the dish. In addition, when you are single and basically eat by yourself, you have a ton of leftovers in which it is easy to freeze the soup base and the noodles for future consumption. I am super happy with the way it turned out and I know if you follow the steps and ask yourself for patience, you can do it too! Please let me know if you do it! I will applaud and cheer for you!


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Pad Thai!!!

Delicious delicious pad thai! My favorite thai dish!!! Despite my love for food, I don’t eat coconut and eat things if coconut milk is used sparingly. However, that all changed when I went to Portland!!! Portland has such delicious food and for so cheap. There are food carts all over the city, and cute little restaurants line each district. It is truly amazing how small town it feels, no matter where in Portland you go. Most businesses are family owned, with unique offerings from food to houseware. They have so many of these local businesses that its really hard to find a chain store around Portland. I LOVED IT. I highly recommend anyone to go- I am already thinking about my next trip to Portland! Here are some lovely fall pics from Portland!

So how did I begin to accept coconut milk? Well, everywhere I went, there were a bunch of restaurants that served exotic Asian cuisine. For example, Pok Pok serves bougie Thai fusion cuisine. 3-4 Thai food carts were on every block. I also craved something creamy that night my friend and I went to get Thai food at E-sam Thai in downtown. Pad thai is my usual go-to, but I opted for the Red Curry and ended up LOVING it. I think it was also because Portland people make hella good food. Their curry was exceptional and their Pad Kee Mao was phenomenal. I was blown away. We loved the thai food so much that the next day we went to the food carts and got the same thing! Hahah! Anyway, after all that curry and randomness, I really just wanted to eat thai food when I got home. Pad thai was not an exception! So here we go!

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Chicken Noodle Soup!!!

Ahh the clouds have settled in. I am freezing cold. My body hates me. I need to recuperate. And fast because Halloween is fast approaching! I am so excited this year!!! Even though my favorite Halloween has got to be Halloween 2011 where I spent one night in Vegas with the girls and had an amazing time hahaha. Also because I made my favorite costume. normally I don’t like Halloween- it comes at such an inconvenient time, especially when you are in school, this is when shit gets real, the holidays are fast approaching, deadlines come and go, and finals are creepin. This year I plan to go to A&B Halloween Therapy and then straight to Portland for a weekend trip with the best friend. This year, I plan to be a cat, a rose, and a mermaid. Although I am not excited about my costume choices this year, the memories I will make this Halloween weekend (2 weekends hell yah!) will be worth it. Hehe I will do a Halloween costume post later. 🙂 What are your plans for Halloween?

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Chicken Pho (Pho Ga), Turtle Tower Way!

I frequently claim I don’t like pho- which is true most of the time. When I am forced to go, I usually order chicken pho because I like the broth slightly better than the beef one. However, one of the main reasons I don’t like it is pho noodles. I just don’t like the texture or the weird after taste of them. But when I had Turtle Tower for the first time, it changed my life! Apparently they are more of a Northern style pho, with fresh flat noodles instead of the dried skinny ones. Fresh flat noodles are similar to Chinese chow fun noodles, which I grew up eating anyway. And Turtle Tower’s broth is similar to plain chicken soup, which is perfect for the soul. So when I became sick, I immediately craved the TT chicken pho, but obviously I can’t get it here because no Viet place in SD serves it like TT does. So I set out to make my own. I have heard stories about the broth being cooked for hours, sometimes even all day to achieve that delicious broth. And believe me, after making it, that’s very much true! Time is essential in creating this broth. I suggest making it at night, and letting the chicken simmer for hours into the night, when you sleep. Therefore, the next day at lunch, you can have a hot bowl of pho! 🙂 I have to say that this recipe’s broth actually comes pretty close to the taste of TT. You can always adjust the salt (or msg) if you want :). Happy eating!

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First it was the cronut and now its the ramen burger that everyone is raving about. Chef Keizo Shimamoto apparently wants to make a restaurant that makes these. At a festival in Brooklyn last weekend, he made 150 burgers to sell one day, and the next 300, generating buzz and long lines. People waited for 2 hours for one! Crazy! Social media and news websites have been buzzing over it and it seems like ramen noodles as buns are poised to be added as a bun option like lettuce or donuts! Of course I had to see what the hype was about and since I am about 3500 miles away from NYC, the only way to eat that is to make it on my own! My verdict? Its goooood! But I don’t think I will make the noodles into the bun again…its too much work when I can just throw it all together and make ramen beef noodles. And if I had to buy it? Probably only pay up to $5 for it. 🙂 Have fun with it!!!

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Japanese Miso Ramen with Pork!

‘Twas a cold and rainy day and everyone was posting pictures of ramen, while I sat at work eating lettuce and at school eating nothing. You see, I have been on this obsession to get skinny so lettuce and celery sticks are a staple currently. I couldn’t help but drool…I get cravings once I start seeing pictures of the same thing from people and then its like an obsession until I make it. So I spent hours today dreaming of what my ramen would taste like. Normally, at ramen places I order the miso ramen with pork. I never really knew what went in those salty but delicious soups, but I figured it was a lot of tasty fats and salt. I’ve been to numerous ramen places and had different types of soup bases– miso, shoyu, that black looking one, and my favorite: Orenchi’s fatty ass pork base hahah. I dream to have it again someday…hopefully this summer while in NorCal =). Anyway, the ramen I made turned out to taste pretty close to what I find out in the big bad world! I actually improvised a lot this time–hope ya’ll like my recipe! Its actually uber easy to make. I know someday I will try to make a pork base– stay tuned!

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