Tuna Casserole Comfort


Wow, I cannot believe that 3 years went by this quickly and that I now have a J.D. (Congrats to everyone who got one this year!!!) It definitely is a milestone that I am super proud of – that I did it, that I was sort of happy doing it, that I didn’t have a bad time, that it was easier than losing weight, and that I actually thought it was easier than undergrad. Maybe because I am crazy and take on a work and school load way out of proportion in relation to other people. During undergrad, I was an econ major, along with 2 minors: law and society and communications. On top of that I was working as a barista 30 hours a week and even more so, engaged in tons of social activities. And then in law school, my second year, I was working 2 jobs and taking 5 classes. I’m just crazy. I mean I don’t have straight As obviously, but what I learned from all that, besides that I am crazy and want to learn as much stuff as possible so it preps me for conversations in the world, is that I could handle a load like that and with happiness! Of course, that cut down my reading hours to none and instead, used my spare time to watch endless Netflix and marathons of shows. I for some reason felt like I had more time in law school – maybe because of the lack of midterms and only one test that determines your grade. I guess I left law school unscathed and to that, I am truly thankful. But now, with the bar exam in July looming, I am quite nervous of whether I have the work ethic to get through it. Will update this blog periodically I hope of my sanity/mental health. I really hope the “losing weight is much harder than law school” carries over to bar studying, where I can say “losing weight was harder than the bar”. Ah, I hope, I hope. Here are some picsĀ from my graduation and with the fam!


Here is some comforting tuna casserole for me to indulge in, and for you to feel sorry for me haha. The sundried tomatoes added makes the dish a little tangy and more scrumptious than normal. You can always mix and match the stuff you put into tuna casseroles because it is forgiving in that way. Things don’t really overpower the overwhelming tuna, but instead, act like compliments. I really liked the peas and sundried tomatoes- hope you do too!

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