Thai Red Curry with Shrimp!

So last October I went to Portland and got to experience the best food, the best city, the best Thai food there. I seriously fell in love with Portland and I cannot wait to go back! There were a ton of ethnic foods, especially Southeast Asian foods- tons of Thai restaurants (expensive and cheap) and Thai food trucks, Indonesian, and Singaporean. It really is a hub of cultures and truly beats SF in terms of the ‘foodie’ capital. No kidding. You have to go visit yourself!!! Anyway, I normally don’t like Thai curry and never get it at restaurants because I have an innate disgust with anything coconut. I always get the pad thai or pad kee mao or tom yum – who’s with me here? Well, in Portland, my life changed when I was craving something warm and creamy (it was raining and cold that night) and my friend told me to order the Red Curry at the Thai restaurant (E-San Thai in Downtown Portland). Feeling adventurous in a new city, I decided to order it against my good old judgment and it TURNED OUT AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it – it was so mind blowingly delicious. Maybe it was the restaurant, but it was so amazing I could cry. Anyway, here I am months later, I still don’t eat anything coconut related, infused, or touched, but I do find myself craving Red Curry. Here is a super easy recipe and pretty delicious too!

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Tossed with Cilantro, Mint, and Red Chilis

Recently I have discovered the art of roasting vegetables and how it gives it a subtle smoky, charred flavor to it. It’s SOOOO EASY!!! You just toss the veggies, ANY kind of veggies, with olive oil and some pepper, stick it into a 375-425 deg oven, and let it roast until it’s brown! It is easy for a quick meal and you can store roasted veggies for a few days in the fridge too! Toss the veggies with some garnishes or sauce and you have a fancy side dish! It’s awesome. And I think you should try it out, and maybe make a beautiful roasted veggie side dish for Thanksgiving!

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Pad Thai!!!

Delicious delicious pad thai! My favorite thai dish!!! Despite my love for food, I don’t eat coconut and eat things if coconut milk is used sparingly. However, that all changed when I went to Portland!!! Portland has such delicious food and for so cheap. There are food carts all over the city, and cute little restaurants line each district. It is truly amazing how small town it feels, no matter where in Portland you go. Most businesses are family owned, with unique offerings from food to houseware. They have so many of these local businesses that its really hard to find a chain store around Portland. I LOVED IT. I highly recommend anyone to go- I am already thinking about my next trip to Portland! Here are some lovely fall pics from Portland!

So how did I begin to accept coconut milk? Well, everywhere I went, there were a bunch of restaurants that served exotic Asian cuisine. For example, Pok Pok serves bougie Thai fusion cuisine. 3-4 Thai food carts were on every block. I also craved something creamy that night my friend and I went to get Thai food at E-sam Thai in downtown. Pad thai is my usual go-to, but I opted for the Red Curry and ended up LOVING it. I think it was also because Portland people make hella good food. Their curry was exceptional and their Pad Kee Mao was phenomenal. I was blown away. We loved the thai food so much that the next day we went to the food carts and got the same thing! Hahah! Anyway, after all that curry and randomness, I really just wanted to eat thai food when I got home. Pad thai was not an exception! So here we go!

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Thai Watermelon Salad!!!

How ironic I make this ‘summer’ salad on probably the coldest day in SF this summer. My feet and nose are failing to defrost as I am typing, even though the heater is blasted. I guess SF has finally hit the cold wave…after a very warm beginning of summer! My days in SF aren’t very numbered anymore so I am hoping to make my last adventures here count before I start school again. I keep chanting in my head- 9 more months…9 more months!!!

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