Chocolate Chip, Marshmallow, Corn Flake Cookies!



I still have never been to Momofuku Milk Bar! But I have the cookbook and have been making a ton of stuff since I got it back in 2011. If anyone asks what to buy me, please buy me a cookbook. I want to build a collection of those in my house library someday. Also any coffee table book or good novel you are reading at the moment. I actually talked about having a library in my home with some friends this weekend. I want a real old looking library, with black cherry wooden shelves and desk. I want a spinning globe in there and a big world map framed on the wall. I love the way old libraries look – walking in there, you can feel the wealth of knowledge that surrounds you. Feel the wealth of works created from people and the amount of stuff you can learn in the world. I have always been the person who wants to learn everything and see everything because I am interested in everything. We are only in one life, so why not make it one full of intellect and memories? Learning other people’s points of views gives perspective and also vigor to your own beliefs.

I made these cookies because I had more than half a box of leftover Corn Flakes from when I made my Oven Fried Chicken. I had guests over during the long weekend so I wanted to give them something to snack on. Momofuku’s cookies are always super buttery and sweet so beware. But everyone LOVED them so this one was definitely a winner.


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Double Chocolate Cookies!


Doubly chocolate coooookies! Studying for finals and needed my chocolate fix. I wish I had luxurious dutch processed cocoa and dark chocolate chips, but normal cocoa and semi sweet does the job. Since double chocolate cookies are dark in the oven, you can’t really tell when they are done or not so slightly underbake them if you aren’t sure! I hope these cookies give me super powers to get me through my last 2 finals of my law school career. Crazy!

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Crispy but Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe is never ending. That’s because there are so many different versions of this classic. Some prefer big and buttery, brown butter, crispy on the outside & chewy in the middle, thin & crispy, the list goes on and on. I have made sooooo many varieties and have no time to post them all (will get around to it someday hahah) I have been on the quest for the perfect crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle cookie for ages now. After my sister’s suggestion, I finally tried out Smitten Kitchen’s and boy was I a fan. I think I found the perfect one! She truly is a genius I have no words but praise. Without further ado, here it is!

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Perfect M&M Cookies!

Yes yes, still baking Christmas cookies hahah I found these mini M&Ms at Target for half price after Christmas and decided to get them. I wanted to make these for my sister and my visit to the office tomorrow! So excited these turned out wonderful. They are the perfect crispy outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

Here are some crispy on the outside/soft and chewy on the inside lessons:

For a softer/chewy cookie:
Use bread flour instead of all-purpose because of the gluten in the bread flour
Use a more brown sugar to white sugar ratio
Melt butter/soften in the microwave
Refrigerate or freeze the dough for 30 min to overnight for the best results

For a crispier cookie:
Use a more white sugar to brown sugar ratio
Add an additional egg white to the mix

Of course there needs to be a good balance between it all and for this M&M cookie, I think I found a good mixture of goods to produce a crispy on the outside and soft on the inside cookie! Enjoy!

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Fudgy Andes Mint Double Chocolate Cookies!

Christmas cookies ROUND 1!!! I love love LOVE Christmas cookies and I love baking with the Andes mint chips that they sell during this time of year. You can find them at Walmart or Target in the baking aisle! I usually make the normal Andes mint cookies which are a crowd favorite, but really wanted something fudgy and chewy and rich for my craving. This recipe uses Greek yogurt instead of eggs which I find super wonderful! Hope this makes it onto your Christmas cookie list!!!

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Snickerdoodles with Pumpkin Ice Cream!

Today has been a wonderful day. It’s finally a week before Thanksgiving and I am super duper excited to go home and get my holiday on! I even packed yesterday, which is so unlike me because I scramble at the last minute haha. I began today finally logging into my student loan account and found out that I owe a tad bit less than I thought – I mean it’s still an atrocious amount, but it’s not unmanageable either. I learned from my friend that I can peg it to my future income which is exciting!!! All in all, I am just super stoked about my adult life and really planning for the future. In addition, Venmo launched an awesome promotion where you win money by clicking on leaves that is falling off a money tree. And it spread like wildfire and everyone was totally spreading it that probably overwhelmed the servers. It truly is so exciting and fulfilling when you know you will be working for such an awesome, fun company that people love and get excited about. 🙂 I also had Thanksgiving lunch today at the school’s gourmet restaurant – La Gran Terraza. It is totally a hidden gem inside our school and only a walk across the street for me. I have come here several times now and I have loved every bit of it. Their unlimited buffet lunches are only $14 – it’s such a good deal given all the gourmet food and desserts you get – I had pumpkin creme brulee and pecan pie. YUMMY! So feeling festive, I came home having the itch to bake. I don’t like sweet things and I don’t have too many people who live near me I can drop them off to, but I just felt the urge. I came across this recipe a few days ago and became consumed with the thought of making them. I hope you will too 🙂

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Cookie Butter Cookies!

I am always about trying new fads. I rarely end up thinking they are that great though (i.e. the cronut). Maybe I am just picky. Maybe I am just snooty when it comes to food. Although there are times where I actually think it lives up to the hype (i.e. Lemonade restaurant in LA, the Ramen Burger). I am still sort of iffy about the whole Cookie Butter thing. Some people are addicted to certain brands, some people eat it with a spoon, some people don’t like the Trader Joes kind even though the store limits it to only 2 jars per customer, some people LOVE the original cookie butter (Biscoff brand), some people think its too sweet, some people think its the best thing in the world. I am part of the group who thinks its too sweet, and can only eat it in very small doses. I most definitely won’t eat it with a spoon or put it in everything I eat! But I do like it in the cookies I made- since cookies are already sweet, adding the cookie butter into it gives it a different flavor and increases the sugar high. If you haven’t tried cookie butter yet, I have heard the original Biscoff branded version is the cookie butter best.

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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…

OMG. These cookies are like amazing. I couldn’t believe it when I ate one this morning when I got up and baked these at 6am before I headed to work. The very very slight crispy when you bite into it, and the soft chewy cookie bursting with caramel nut flavor…sigh…anyway, I really do think its the brown butter that makes this cookie sooo good. I’ve never had a more fragrant cookie. When I was making the brown butter, which is basically boiling butter in a saucepan until it turns sort of brownish and brown sediment sinks to the bottom, my whole apartment smelled like melted butter on popcorn at the movie theatres –> to caramel popcorn –> to that rich nutty syrupy smell. It is beyond amazing. Now I really might have a brown butter obsession because of this…until I make the next thing, I’m going to be dreaming about this cookie. Yes, its that good…

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Double Chocolate Chip Heath Bar Cookies

When I made these divine, soft, and chewy cookies, it was for a company potluck because one of my fellow interns was going back to NYC for the rest of his internship. I of course had to make two things late the night before because I am still such a procrastinator and somewhat of a cooking overachiever….sigh. Anyway, by the time the potluck rolled around, I had already been interning at Venmo for a month. So far so good! I am so thankful to be there and take everyday as a learning experience. I really do love the company am so so thankful for the opportunity to be in a time of growth! (For those of you who don’t know what Venmo is, please please please sign up! It makes life so much easier and seriously is the best thing…ever. Ask anyone who uses it!)

Back to my cookies. I learned a while back that cookies are best when you freeze the cookie dough for at least a few hours or overnight before you bake it because the butter needs time to rest to do its magic. Before this knowledge, I had always wondered why my cookies alwayssss turned out flat and blehhhh compared to store bought kinds that were big, chewy, and thick. When the chef came in to cook for us at the office, her cookies were so blehhhh so I told everyone that I could make better cookies. I hope I lived up to the hype…there were no leftovers and the moms took a few home to their sugar hungry kids. I think these cookies were quite the hit…

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