Carrot Cake!!!


THANK YOU for everyones birthday wishes!!! I may not have the time to individually thank everyone, but know that each and every one of you makes my life complete. And for my birthday gift to you all, I give you a yummy carrot cake recipe that is so scrumptious it will make you so happy too! As I grow older, I realized it is less and less exciting to grow a year older, and that time really flies. Before I know it, I will be a grandma! I wish to cherish each and every moment I have with everyone – I realized this while studying for the bar and being in hermit mode for 2 months – the days are as long and great as you make it. Every day is a NEW DAY, and whatever things you didn’t do the day before can be accomplished TODAY!!! I kept telling myself that every morning as I pondered over everything I did NOT do and how much more I needed to do. But as my big test got closer and closer, I realized less pondering, and more doing. Take every day as a new day and learn to cherish every minute of it – every minute not cherished is a minute wasted. So as I begin a new age, I am hoping that I can hustle and accomplish my many goals in life, and hope to achieve them all early whilst enjoying my life in the process. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being wonderful readers and supporters :)!!! I can’t wait for this new age!


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Nutella Chocolate Cake with Strawberries!

Ever have a craving for chocolate? Hell, I guess everyone does!!! Chocolate and nutella? Even better! I’ve made many chocolate cupcakes before, but I have never really ever been into making cakes- normally its too big and since I’m forever alone I can’t eat it at all or distribute it. This recipe is one of the most moistest, chocolatey, soft cake texture I have ever made! So excited this will become my go-to chocolate cake 🙂 Some fun facts about nutella? An Italian made this up and formed the company Ferrero, with plants all over… the North American nutella is made in Canada. Each jar contains 50 hazelnuts… it has 67% of saturated fat, and 2 tbsp of nutella contains 200 calories!!! A typical candy bar has 250 calories…yikes! Nutella is cray. Because of this awful health makeup, there was a 2012 class action suit for false advertising by Nutella…the label claimed and marketed it as part of a nutritional breakfast! Can you believe that?! Well, the company ended up paying $3 million. World nutella day is February 5. Must remember that for next year. Make this simple cake for your next potluck or fancy dinner! 🙂

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Chocolate Custard Cake!

When I saw this cake on White on Rice Couple’s blog, my eyes grew big and immediately made the decision to make it…this week. This week also happened to my boss’ birthday and last day at the company so it was the perfect excuse to bake it. I ate a slice for breakfast to ‘test’ it out to make sure its not poisonous before I feed it to people. haha I ate it right out of the fridge – but you should eat it room temperature because it will have a more softened custard like texture. It also isn’t that sweet, so its perfect!

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