Garlic Cauliflower Fried Rice!

Just came back from spring break and totally in the spring mode!!! I love spring as it is one step closer to summer!!! I usually buy a bunch of florals, pastels, and light clothing during this time and I am so excited for my haul today! I didn’t do much during this spring break (as opposed to the epicness of Miami last year) but I did get to go home and visit some friends! I also learned this past week that nothing in life is super set- i.e. jobs, relationships, family, friends, and legal troubles. But I do believe that when faced with those life events, trust that everything will work out the way it should and that what you think might be the greatest thing of all may not be and a better opportunity or blessings in disguise are on the other side of the tunnel. 🙂 Thoughts to keep one happy and grounded- especially since there is so much we still have to live and when we look back at how much we are freakin out now in 10 years, it will all be so silly to us. Anyway, this still means lots of time to get in shape and eat healthy and stay active for the rest of our lives!!! I have been obsessed with cauliflower recently, for example, Raw Cauliflower Tabbouleh and the Vegan Cauliflower “Alfredo” Sauce. There is so much we can do with this veggie!!! Today I made cauliflower fried “rice” and next time will be cauliflower pizza. So stoked! I am so happy everyone is just as excited about this veggie as I am!!!

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Beef and Tomato with Rice!

This is my family’s version of a classic Chinese dish. I grew up eating this on lunch days where we needed something fast and delicious. I had no idea that this would be considered ‘comfort food’ for Chinese people. I don’t ever eat this at restaurants. When I see other people get it though, it looks sort of weird because I am so used to my family’s version. Its actually really easy to make, with only a few ingredients. Anyone can whip this up in a second. If you don’t have much of an appetite, this dish could curb your hunger because its sweet and a little sour, and so freakin’ good!!! You can even add an egg in it to modify the traditional tomato and egg dish.

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Kimchi Fried Rice with Hot Dogs!

Yum! Kimchi fried rice!!! Normally its spam in there. Don’t know the real reason why Koreans love spam, but I really love spam…and hot dogs. Its funny because I met some Michigan people over the summer and they had never eaten hot dogs or spam in fried rice before! Then we took them to a Korean restaurant and ordered spam fried rice lol. They seemed to enjoy it! haha anyway, it was so nice to be around people in close proximity over the summer because when I made this, I had enough food for about 6 people. Sure enough, friends came over and ate it all after I blasted that I had kimchi fried rice with hot dogs. I am hoping that hot dogs have less sodium than spam, and are less unhealthy. I hope buying “all beef” hot dogs are better for you than mystery meat in spam. Let us hope. 🙂

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Cuban Oxtail Stew! (and Miami Post!)

As many of you may know now, I went to spring break in MIAMI! This is one of the last spring breaks I will ever have as a student and I really have never done it that big before. We went to the beach, saw the alligators in the Everglades, ate tons of food, relaxed, sightseed, day clubbed and night clubbed, and drank. Everyone was such a blast and made this trip memorable.  Thank you to you crazy fools!

Easter Brunch on yacht around Miami!
Inside LIV
Dancer at MANSION
Expensive Red Bull Vods

So a little bit more about Miami: it is a totally different vibe than Cali. or even Vegas. (Now I know this may not be the case during ULTRA because so many Cali kids and west coast people go). The vibe there is much more relaxed, chill, European. No ragers like us, barely any dancing, and especially no twerking. Even the fist pumping wasnt punching the sky like we know how to do. haha! But they do play a lot of European style trance so it was nothing that I was really used to. The clubs there are beautiful, but I have to say LIV underwhelmed me-it was a mix between the Grand and FLUXX. I totes expected it to be like XS or something. Nope. We also went to STORY, which was aight. But MANSION was by far the funnest club and very unique. Cool dancers, everything was so flashy and show-y and they only serve top-shelf- our red bull vods were made with Belvedere and were $25. hahha! We went to the RX pool party at the Shelborne, and it basically was very chill and no one splashed water around or danced or raged like at Encore Beach Club haha. One thing I learned on this trip was the best way to cure a hangover is to drink coconut water before you go to bed and to never go out so early- 1am is still early. BEST THING EVER!

Me running away from the alligator bc I was too scared to hold it!
Cuban coffee-Cortadito
Bulldog! (Margarita and 2 beers)

The food in Miami is AMAZING. Every meal we had was delicious. Notable mentions: La Sandwicherie (went there 5 times during our stay and got the Salmon, Prosciutto, Mozzarella one), Puerto Sagua (delicious Cuban food, which inspired my obsession with oxtail stew), Cuban coffee called Cortadito (brown sugar sits at the bottom of the espresso cup and the espresso drips onto the sugar, creating a sweet paste. More espresso drips and creates this delicious foam on top. One order of it can feed 3 people- that’s how strong it is!), and lots and lots of potato balls, pork, and black beans! The ceviche at My Ceviche we had was delicious, but somehow I got food poisoning from it. No one else did though so I still recommend it to anyone who goes to Miami! More pictures on my facebook!

Beautiful blue water

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Mushroom and Chive Farro Risotto!

I haven’t really cooked in a week because of a midterm and have been eating salads and tons of protein everyday! Needless to say, I have been craving some sort of carb. I had some mushrooms in the fridge that I had been saving for either a mushroom pasta or risotto. I chose risotto tonight! Risotto is one of my fave dishes- rich, creamy, and definitely filling. Risotto is always so expensive at restaurants and usually because of the gourmet fancy ingredients such as truffle oil, wild mushrooms, and what not. My version is equally tasty and creamy. I thought the creaminess came from lots of cream and cheese, so it scared me away for awhile, but most of the creamy texture actually comes from starchiness of the grain itself! Risotto is typically made with Italian arborio rice, high in starch and cooking it releases this starch to create creaminess. I thought I had bought some, but when I came home, I realized I had Italian farro instead! I quickly looked up if I can remotely even make a risotto dish with it– turns out I can!  Farro is a wheat grain, so I bet it is slightly healthier than arborio. It is definitely less starchy, but definitely not enough for the end dish to lose creaminess. Try it yourself with either arborio or farro!

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Halal Chicken and Rice!

Whenever people go to NYC, they always go to this place and drunk take a picture of the Halal Guys chicken and rice. I’ve always seen it, but never ever had it before. I don’t plan on eating the real thing anytime soon either because although I am going to NYC this summer, its going to be with family again. Parents are always in search of good Asian food, but never anything outside the asian cuisine. Also, I figured that because I don’t drunk eat, I can never eat this with my friends if I ever go to NYC with them, so the only way I can eat it is to make it myself.
So I did my research and learned that halal food is food permitted by Islam for consumption because they have a list of things they can’t eat, such as pork, because they are slaughtered in a certain way. “Halal” means lawful. “Haram” means forbidden. Interesting right? I also learned that there are numerous halal street carts around NYC, and each have their own unique ‘white sauce’. I seriously thought there was only one cart that people go to, but I guess only tourists like my friends only know about one. haha! I tweaked the recipe a little bit- for example, using romaine lettuce instead of iceberg. Ew…*shudder*, I hate iceberg lettuce because its so cheap, flavorless, and nutrition-less. I also used A LOT less mayo for the white sauce…I HATE MAYO. I think mayo is awful. Anyway, my recipe and tweaks turned out pretty well- I enjoyed eating it because I love all the spices and freshness of the white sauce. Because I have never tried the real one, please dont hate me if this recipe doesnt turn out exactly like the halal cart ones in NYC.

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