Kimchi Fried Rice with Hot Dogs!

Yum! Kimchi fried rice!!! Normally its spam in there. Don’t know the real reason why Koreans love spam, but I really love spam…and hot dogs. Its funny because I met some Michigan people over the summer and they had never eaten hot dogs or spam in fried rice before! Then we took them to a Korean restaurant and ordered spam fried rice lol. They seemed to enjoy it! haha anyway, it was so nice to be around people in close proximity over the summer because when I made this, I had enough food for about 6 people. Sure enough, friends came over and ate it all after I blasted that I had kimchi fried rice with hot dogs. I am hoping that hot dogs have less sodium than spam, and are less unhealthy. I hope buying “all beef” hot dogs are better for you than mystery meat in spam. Let us hope. 🙂

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