Beef and Barley Soup!

Mmm beef and barley. Usually at restaurants, it is super salty and I always have to add water. Why not make it at home? The meat used is lean so it isnt as oily. I added kale and mushrooms because those are like my two favorite things. Did you know barley is part of the grass family? Weird, I  know. It is also used to ferment for beer and other distilled beverages. It is a high fiber and high protein grain- perfect for my obsession to get skinny with protein and lots of fiber. It is so delicious, I am so happy with the way it turned out!

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Mushroom and Chive Farro Risotto!

I haven’t really cooked in a week because of a midterm and have been eating salads and tons of protein everyday! Needless to say, I have been craving some sort of carb. I had some mushrooms in the fridge that I had been saving for either a mushroom pasta or risotto. I chose risotto tonight! Risotto is one of my fave dishes- rich, creamy, and definitely filling. Risotto is always so expensive at restaurants and usually because of the gourmet fancy ingredients such as truffle oil, wild mushrooms, and what not. My version is equally tasty and creamy. I thought the creaminess came from lots of cream and cheese, so it scared me away for awhile, but most of the creamy texture actually comes from starchiness of the grain itself! Risotto is typically made with Italian arborio rice, high in starch and cooking it releases this starch to create creaminess. I thought I had bought some, but when I came home, I realized I had Italian farro instead! I quickly looked up if I can remotely even make a risotto dish with it– turns out I can!  Farro is a wheat grain, so I bet it is slightly healthier than arborio. It is definitely less starchy, but definitely not enough for the end dish to lose creaminess. Try it yourself with either arborio or farro!

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