My Take on Spring Rolls!

Fresh Spring Rolls! For those who know me, know that Vietnamese food is my least fav asian food. Nothing against it, but it always meshes interestingly in my taste buds- sometimes good, sometimes bad. I think its all the different fresh herbs and flavors and when I am not in the mood for it, I just dont want it. BUT lately I’ve had a craving for spring rolls! I think I’ve been craving simple tastes with strong dipping sauces. Actually, I don’t really know. My cravings are super random….Anyway, I bought all the ingredients and rolled them up, but BOY were they difficult to roll up!!! Vietnamese people make it look so effortless; I was totally struggling, and had to throw away a few rice wrappers. Sigh… practice makes perfect? I also bought the wrong vermicelli- theres like 5 different kinds at the store -_-. But thank god I had some left from my Thai food making obsession. [more on that some other day]

Here are my ingredients:

(wrong vermicelli)
For the Rolls: 
Shrimp [I used the Costco frozen kind and just heat it up with some garlic salt and pepper]
Rice paper wrappers
Rice Vermicelli
Asian Basil
Romaine Lettuce
For the Sauce: 
Hoisen Sauce
Peanut Butter [I used the crunchy kind for some nuts]
Chili Sauce
Hot water
1. Cook the shrimp! I added some garlic salt and pepper. Don’t really know if thats normal, but whatever, I wanted it to be flavorful and because its homemade, I can do what I want! =)
2. Cook/warm the rice vermicelli. Rinse with cold water when soft and set aside.
3. Warm up some water. [make sure its quite warm because the first few times, the wrappers were still paper hard and I was confused as to why it wasnt soft!!!]
4. Dip the wrappers into the warm water and put it on a cutting board, or flat surface.
5. Layer the lettuce, vermicelli, mint, cilantro, and basil to taste. I squeezed some LIME onto the vermicelli and it gives a great kick!!!
6. Put the shrimp off to the side.
7. Fold in the sides, and then Roll.
8. Make dipping sauce: Combine to taste. For me:
2 tbs peanut butter, 2 tbs hoisen sauce, 2 tbs hot water, and 1 tbs of chili sauce. Mix.

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