How to cut a pomegranate!

Pomegranate seeds and juice are so expensive to buy! But I never thought of buying the real actual pomegranate and cutting it up. Normally they run about $1.50-$3 per fruit. Still undeniably cheaper than the packaged seeds and juice! Right now the fruit is in season! September – January so eat your heart out! 🙂 When you cut one up, it definitely gives you almost 2 cups full. And eating as much pomegranate as you can is good for you! Tons of antioxidants that help with fighting heart disease and cancer! And it has more than your typical blueberries and cranberries!

Here is how you cut one up!

1. Cut about an inch from the top. Peel back the skin.

2. Then you will see some seeds show. Cut through the skin, top to bottom, in between the clusters. Using your hands, break apart the sections.

3. Scoop out the seeds into a bowl with a spoon! This step takes awhile, but totally worth it!


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