Pumpkin Quinoa Muffins!


More pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin!!! I made these in an effort to conserve energy in the morning and grabbing and going with my breakfast as a leave the house to board a bus. I learned awhile back that you can freeze muffins and then when you want to eat them, place them in the fridge overnight and it should defrost. Pop them in the microwave and you have got a hot muffin! How fun and convenient!! It’s like when I learned you can do that with bagels – one of my obsessions. More on that obsession some day. These muffins are packed with nutrition – pumpkin, quinoa, spices. It is an easy way to pack quinoa into your routine if you don’t want to cook it all the time. Quinoa is very high in protein so you can eat it to fuel your day! It is basically a seed, and it is fascinatingly related to spinach, beetroots, and tumbleweeds (I actually once had a friend tell me that he thought tumbleweeds were fake things that crossed in Bugs Bunny’s path in the cartoon…I basically choked in laughter.) Anyway, these are perfect fall breakfast foods! Enjoy them today!

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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Hi yall! Its been quite a loooonggg minute since my last post…in May. Crazy how time flies when every day is filled with different adventures, learning experiences, reflections, and food. What have I been up to these past few months? Well to name a few: sister graduated from Cal, went on a 2.5 week vacation to the east coast, started my VENMO internship the day after I came back, moved to SF for the summer, catching up with friends, never-ending family adventures, and anticipation for the weekend, every week. (More on my crazy summer adventures in later posts.)

In addition, I have been eating out a lot more because I work in Palo Alto, chef/catering at work, and the restaurants there are basically amazing and I live in SF where food and friends are abundant. I sort of lost inspiration for some time because I was never really craving anything because I was trying new foods every day. But I started noticing I felt lazy and gross from eating out for 3 weeks straight, so I decided to take up some more cooking again.  I finally have more people around to eat my food so I get to be a bit more creative! Cheers to being back. I hope yall are having a fabulous summer so far!!! ❤ much love to anyone who reads this.

I decided to make this stuffed bell pepper because I had leftover peppers from the night before when I made the portabello mushroom combination pizzas. For those of you who know me, I actually hate bell peppers-the green ones more than anything. I usually like the red or yellow ones raw. But hell, I had to have color on my pizzas so I had to buy a tri-color pack of bell peppers. I only needed a little bit so I decided to make stuffed peppers and feed them to my friends. Here we go!

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Kale and Quinoa Cakes

I loveee kale and I loveee quinoa! Two things smacked together- perfection! I was first introduced to quinoa by my dear friend and cookie monster and have been learning about the grain ever since. It is high in protein, gluten-free, from the Andean culture, and has gained so much traction these past few years. Some people don’t really like the quinoa smell/taste, but if you soak it for about 5-10 min before you cook it, the ‘bitter’ smell/taste will go away. Or you can cook it with things that hide the taste! I happen to like the weird taste and texture. It is a great substitute for rice, if you ever get bored or tired of it. Kale is another vegetable that has grained traction these past few years and I, like any other human rabbit out there, love it. I love the hard texture and the strange bitter taste. Both of these food items have become staple in my everyday diet. I am just glad to be a human rabbit who enjoys veggies, grains, and weird healthy stuff. Anyway, enough with my rabbit talk. These kale and quinoa cakes are great for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I dip the cakes with some Trader Joe’s Garlic Aioli Mustard and it becomes that much better. I hope that I have opened some taste buds to some noob kale and quinoa people!!! ❤

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