Pressed Juicery 3-day Cleanse Diary!

So if you have been following me over the past year you know I love doing cleanses! Last year when I was on a crusade to lose weight, I made my own Blueprint Cleanse and bought a local San Diego juice cleanse a few months after. Making my own cleanse was very tedious, but it was A LOT cheaper than the $200+ price tag for a 3-day. So if you are up for it and have a juicer, I highly recommend it! The green juice I am having now with Pressed Juicery tastes exactly the same as the one I made!!! During the blueprint one, I had the occasional avocado and cucumber to curb my hunger. Also, tons of green tea to improve digestion and get some natural caffeine. The local San Diego one was good, but I did eat lightly, so it was just to get nutrition from it. I also exercised during those cleanses – I had a ton of energy actually and never felt like I was dying. So basically based on my experience of these last 2 cleanses, I began my love affair of cleanses and couldn’t wait to do the next one. So here we are now, almost a year later and I will be doing my third cleanse! I chose Pressed Juicery because several of my friends have done it, and also it was on sale after the holidays for $149 for a 3-day Cleanse 2! A lot cheaper than the normal cleanse price of $199+, and also cheap enough for me not to make my own cleanse again (too tedious!). Ends up being around $8.27 per bottle (18 bottles), so it is a pretty good deal to get it delivered to your door the morning of!

Packaging! Ice packs were inside to keep cool!

There are 6 different juices at Pressed Juicery: greens 2, citrus 2, greens 3, roots 3, citrus 4, and vanilla almond. So excited to try them all! Here is my cleanse journey by day! Hope you enjoy reading it and try one yourself! Cleanses do reset yourself and really remind you that you don’t need that much food to feel and sustain energy! Also, all the nutrients in the juices give you natural energy! Try it!!!

Day 1:
I ate a banana and drank a cup of green tea in the morning to curb my lack of food while waiting. Juices came a tad bit later than the estimated time due to FedEx error so I drank my first juice at 1:30pm! I then drank the next ones every 1.5-2 hours, ending with the vanilla almond one at 10pm. The greens 2 and 3 basically taste the same, but the 3 had a strong ginger taste to it, which I didn’t really mind. The beet one (roots 3) also had a strong ginger taste to it too. The vanilla almond shake was good, but it had a strange after taste which I attribute to the nut and the dates inside.

I even ran and walked 2.5 miles around Fiesta Island today so I definitely was feeling energized! The amount of liquid is enough for me to feel full for 2+ hours so I didn’t feel hungry at all. 🙂 yay! fresh start for my body!

Day 2:
Off to a great start! I figured Day 2 was going to be the worst since everyone says it is, but today wasn’t so bad. When I walked up the stairs this morning at school, 3 stories, I felt no head rush or headache or tiredness – usually I get slightly dizzy after I walk up them, but today I felt great! The effects of cleansing I am hoping! I did feel more tired in general, and basically miss the act of chewing a lot, even though I wasn’t too hungry. I made it through the day even though I had to study for 4 hours in the library!!! Overall, this cleanse has been clearing my mind and restoring my energy. Loving it and can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring!

Day 3:
Still loving all the juices and I really find my first juice, greens 2, the one without the ginger, to be my favorite. It is just so refreshing to start my day with it. Gives me so energy!

After Juice Cleanse:
Since the next day after the cleanse was V-Day, it was a seemingly bad idea that I did the cleanse right before the holiday. But I did eat raw veggies all day (see Raw Cauliflower Tabbouleh) prior to dinner and I did do a 10 mile hike. On top of that though I did drink wine and beer all weekend so there goes my detox. Hahah but I did learn many things- see below- and am countering all that junk food this week with tons of veggies, and I mean tons (3 bags full of veggies to get through this week) 🙂

Overall Review:
The cleanse really reminded me that I don’t need that much food – food weighs me down and gives me less energy. A year after my first cleanse I sort of fell off the train so I had to reset my brain into thinking and believing certain foods give me natural energy and that I dont need other foods (i.e. carbs/sugar) to be the main source of the energy because it is so heavy! I really miss the juices 😦 I wish I had disposable money to buy green juices so I can drink them every morning haha :). But overall this cleanse was the best I have ever done and I will recommend it to anyone! I also didn’t cheat so I did get the full detox effect- I did have to go to the bathroom a lot Day 2 and 3 so it definitely cleaned my colon, as it should. It really reset my mind and body that food really weighs you down and makes you more groggy, so after the cleanse, you eat less and in smaller portions so you don’t get the ‘weighed down’/’heavy’ feeling. Also, there are tons of natural energy in raw foods so you don’t need as many carbs or sugar as the source of your energy. Of course, I am not advocating for eliminating carbs or sugar entirely because I love them, but the cleanse makes you realize you can eat less of it and eat more veggies to feel full and to feel energized. Try it today if you want to reset your life! Ask me if you have any questions!


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