Spicy Italian Sausage Orzo with Tomatoes and Spinach

Oh dear. It’s freezing outside! I am staying home, stressed out from school, missing a bday party, and watching Great Gatsby instead of studying. WHAT IS MY LIFE?! I loved Great Gatsby when I read it in high school – I love opulence, rich stuff, fancy clothes, and character. I loved every bit of the story. Of course the book is a tragedy and all the stuff in the book all seemed so frivolous in the end. But whatever, I love drama and tragedy and opulence. Anyway, the movie we watched in class way back when featured the actors on screen who looked very orange and greasy. I always wished they would do a remake with actors portrayed with better skin. I love Leo so I am hoping he brings it.
Anyway, my dinner tonight was a simple orzo pasta dish. I wanted something soft, creamy, and full of flavor. It really is a simple recipe with very few ingredients! It is perfect for a cold night!


1/2 bag of orzo pasta (8 oz)
2 spicy Italian sausage links, casings taken out
1/4 yellow onion, diced
1 cup chicken broth
1 cup canned diced tomatoes and its juice
1 handful of spinach
1 tbsp heavy cream, optional
1 tbsp white wine, optional
olive oil
salt and pepper
1. In a medium pan, cook onions and sausage in olive oil on med-high heat until brown.
2. Stir in spinach. Cook until wilted.
3. Add orzo, chicken broth, tomatoes, white wine, and heavy cream. Salt and pepper.
4. Cover and let simmer for 12-15 min until most of the liquid is gone.
5. Serve with some sprinkled mozz or parmesan!

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