Standard Pizza Dough!


Totally unhealthy post this time! Made this pizza awhile ago with homemade pizza dough and waited this long to share it. I figured since pizza is a warm, comforting food, it is perfect for any season. I do have to say that this is a wonderful homemade dough, that captures the dough-chewiness to normal pizza, like Round Table or Little Caesars. I sometimes like a little chew and dough to my pizza – it isn’t always about the NY Style ya know (although I do love it and will post on it later). Pizza dough is very easy to make – only 4 ingredients. I wish I did have a stone oven/stone pan where I can emulate more of the slight crunch on the outside and doughy on the inside texture. But this will do. And I have to say I loved it!

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Cauliflower Pizza!

Ahhhhh cauliflower pizza!!! The ideal and delicious low-carb pizza crust!!! If you want to make this bad boy, you gotta put in the effort though- this aint easy…First you have to grate the cauliflower (or shred using a food processor), wring out water, mix mix mix with other ingredients, etc. And then it ain’t even that healthy either- you replace the flour in normal pizza dough with extra cheese to make the cauliflower crust. BUT after all this work and extra fat calories, this cauliflower pizza is pretty damn good- eat it with a fork to avoid the mess! I ended up with a semi-non-soggy crust – the edges of the whole pizza were stable, but the middle part was a tad bit soggy. I refrigerated it for about 5 min and the crust firmed up quite a bit and was way less soggy after it cooled. I won’t be making it for a long time since there is so much extra work and it’s messy to wring out the water from the cauliflower. BUT Try it!!! I know many of you are super curious. Trust me, it is delicious!!!!!!!

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Portabello Mushroom Combo Pizzas!

These no carb pizzas are amazing. The portabello mushrooms are the perfect “crust” because it is so thick. Portabello mushrooms are so fascinating!!! Its mushroom taxonomy (scientific name) is Agaricus bisporus. When cultivated white, its the common white mushroom or white button mushroom we normally see. If the brown variety, it is little brown mushrooms like creminis. When the brown variety is kept until maturity, they become Portabello Mushrooms! This breed is cultivated in 70 different countries and is one of the most common and widely consumed mushrooms in the world! Here in North America, they are grown in our grassland areas. Mushroom cultivation was started by the French, first unsuccessfully. 186 years later, the Pasteur Institute in Paris re-discovered some non-poisonous mushrooms and then proceeded to cultivate in composted horse manure…um gross! Then in Pennsylvania, a farmer discovered a clump of white mushrooms. Turns out these white mushrooms were a result of a natural mutation from the light brown ones originally cultivated. Similar to how white bread is a more attractive food item than wheat bread back then (think Wonderbread), these little white mushrooms became super popular. I wonder if brown mushrooms are more popular now because of our society’s obsession with wheat/brown foods?

Anyway, these portabello mushroom pizzas are so easy to make. You don’t get the mess and time that comes with a good, yeasty, risen dough. Also, more healthy and less carbs. Its great for a quick lunch or dinner! You could top with anything you like!

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