Cream Puffs! (choux à la crème)


It’s been a busy two weeks since my last post due to the EXCITING Warriors v. Cavs matchup – didnt really have a life besides drinking beer and eating nachos for the past two weeks!!! If you didn’t know already, I basically pledged blue and gold a few weeks ago during the rockets series (I know I am a total bandwagoner fan but BUT i would argue that everyone has a starting point ha ha). Anyway, the night the Warriors won I was at ORACLEEEE watching Game 6 on the arena’s screen. It was definitely like a home game – us fans were just as loud, waving our teensy towels around and screaming our lungs off. It was truly an experience that I am hoping we can experience again in our lifetime! Let the curse be broken and a dynasty begins :). I was unfortunately super busy on Friday and wasn’t able to join everyone at the parade, but I saw all the Snapchats of the event and thought, damn, it really is a wonderful to be alive, in the Bay, and be young.


These cream puffs were made with leftover Fruit Tart pastry cream! (But I have provided the exact recipe for 12 cream puffs in case yall just wanted to make the puffs and not the tart). I made exactly 12 little ones (if you want, you could make 6 Beard Papa’s sized ones if you wanted with the same amount of cream.


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Summer Fruit Tart!


IT’S BASICALLY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE SEASON OF THE YEAR!!!! Have been into WHITE lately – white shorts, white tanks, white shirts, white sheets, white shoes, all white everything! Can’t wait to be a little more tan (yes I still care about my facial skin care) by being outdoors! I hope this summer is the best summer yet (unlike last year when I was studying – had a nose disease that wasn’t curable until late summer! hahah) !! Lots in store like country concerts, wedding, ariana grande, vegas, kevin hart, etc. Someone invite me to a BBQ so I bring over this magnificent fruit tart and/or cream puffs (another post). Anyway happy beginning of SUMMER!!!


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