Dutch Baby Pancake with Fresh Berries!



In light of Germany’s win yesterday at the World Cup, I decided to post this late post of my German pancake/Dutch baby! It is made with lots of eggs and milk and is super eggy to taste. I showed this to my friend and she asked if it was an egg pancake. Apparently our moms made these German pancakes without knowing it – my mom used to mix together a high egg to milk ratio with some flour and it was an eggy tasting pancake. Definitely not your traditional pancake. I like this because it is simple and you get to top it with whatever topping you like. I chose some berries because it is in season right now! Better get those antioxidants during bar study!

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Greek Yogurt Pancakes with Chia Seeds



My parents came down for my graduation and since we went to Utah for family vacay, we spent all of our meals at restaurants. When we got back to San Diego, all we wanted was a simple homemade meal and breakfast. Since my dad is a fantastic cook, he ended up cooking 2 dinners at my place – tons of seafood like fish, lobster and shrimp. It was definitely super relieving and comforting to eat homemade food after like 12 consecutive meals outside and 2 buffets in Vegas. I made breakfast one morning and decided on some Greek yogurt pancakes with some chia seeds for some omega-3s and some berries for antioxidents. Simple and quick and so delicious!


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The Soufflé Pancake!

If you like pancakes, but always slip into food coma after, this soufflé pancake is the right one for you! It is super light and fluffy but doesn’t compromise on the breakfast favorite. In fact, it is super interesting – I have never seen anything like it, unless you have been to Berkeley’s Bette’s Oceanview Diner! My sister has been talking about this place since she first went and have been trying to perfect the recipe for it. Because she did, I am sharing it with you! You can swap the bananas out for another type of fruit or just eat it plain with lots of maple syrup or raw honey. Such a treat!

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