DIY Chalkboard Bucket List

October 1/2, 2013. One of the best days of my life! I did a slash because one of the greatest moments of my life happened on October 1, and then was confirmed October 2. I have been so fortunate to get the support of my favorite company ever, and have been offered a job post-grad! I am so unbelievably thankful for all they have given me, and am so so SO thankful for my family, friends, and mentors for supporting me all along the way. To that I am truly blessed.

Funny thing, I finished this chalkboard last Friday night because I had my heart set on finally leaving SD after 8 years (next year). I am sure I still have not done a lot of things in SD, but that was all I could come up with on Friday. If anyone wants to join me in doing any of those activities, let me know!!! 😀

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