Candied Orange Peels!


We have organic oranges growing in our backyard and we have an abundance every year. My grandpa was a renowned fruit grower in China, with award winning satsuma tangerines being his most well-known. My dad remembers biting into those satsumas and juice just flowed. Thin skins, tons of juice, and the fruit, the size of an orange. My parents failed at growing the first orange tree, but my grandpa decided to step in to do the pruning in the winter for several years, and saved our second orange tree. Now, the tree produced over 100 pounds of oranges. 100 POUNDS! So every year now, we think about our grandpa and his pruning and it is an ode to his labor. Now that we have so much, we have to look for ways to not waste the fruit. So we have made orange marmalade and now candied orange peels. Takes a ton of sugar, but they end up looking SO PRETTY after. Also, you can give them away as gifts as these things store super well. Or dip them in chocolate.


4 oranges

2 cups granulated sugar

1 cup water

1/2 cup granulated sugar for sugar dusting

  1. Slice the orange skins into 4 parts. Peel.

image2. Slice the peels into little strips.


3. Boil the sugar and water. Stir so the sugar is dissolved.


4. Once boiling, place the orange peels. I kept the pot on medium heat, and let is simmer on medium-low heat.


5. Once the peels are translucent, about 1 hour, drain the sugar syrup.


6. Once the peels look reasonably drained, toss them in the granulated sugar for sugar dusting.


7. Place on wire rack, with parchment or silicon mat to catch the sugar. Let dry overnight.


8. If you plan to dip them, you can do that after it’s dried. If not, then you can place in a jar with a lid and store!



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