Salvadoran Pupusas

I first had pupusas at this cute little Latin American breakfast joint called Sun Rise Restaurant in the Mission РI was drawn to it because of the colorful cabbage and carrot salad on top of seemingly fried dough. My friend and I quickly ordered a huge breakfast- 2 kinds of pupusas stuffed with zucchini and spinach and cheese with chilaquiles. These pupusas were simple Рit really is the salsa and the cabbage that make this breakfast delicious. I loved the runny simple salsa and the simple cabbage salad that had a hint of vinegar. It was a great combination! And what I didnt realize is that it is super easy to make and super healthy too. I love a good simple healthy power breakfast. My roomies mom makes them for her sometimes and she stores the cooled pupusas in sandwich bags and she re-heats them whenever she is ready to eat it. Perfect for the on-the-go breakfast types. Give it a try today!

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