Nutella, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cookie!


I have somewhat been on a cookie obsession lately, trying to make any cookie that has chocolate chips in it. Conveniently enough nowadays when there aren’t any cookies left, there is a Batter Bakery “kiosk” across the street. Kiosk is such a strange word to describe a mini bakery bar on the corner of four way intersection…I always associate kiosk as those airline kiosks to check in. So I looked up the word and found out its origins are in Persia during the Ottoman Empire which used to be little garden pavilions separated from structure. How that has evolved today! Anyway, if anyone works near California/Kearny in SF, the Batter Bakery kiosk has happy hour (1/2 off most things) from 4pm-close!!! A bakery that has happy hour?!!! And in SF?!! My excitement about things being half off hasn’t actually led me to go during happy hour, but always before. Needless to say, their cookies are damn delicious – it has a drier, melt in your mouth texture to it, which is very different from how I normally like my cookies – chewy. But they are really good and I would recommend them to anyone! These cookies that I am about to post right now actually captures that dry but soft melt in your mouth texture…I didn’t set out to make it that way but it surprisingly turned out that way! I am by no means a food scientist but I am guessing it’s the peanut butter, nutella, and butter in my cookie that makes it that way. Buttery, but a stable texture. Mmmmmm


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