Cold-Brew Iced Coffee!

OKAY. IT IS EXTREMELY HOT IN SAN DIEGO, AND I GUESS EVERYWHERE IN CALI. Is it because I am used to SF weather? But really, its awful. The humidity here in SD is just dandy. The windows in my entire apartment are open, fans are running, and still feel sticky. Sweat is pouring out everywhere. It is just gross. But anyway, this hot weather calls for tons of planning…I mean tons. You have to plan where you want to be to avoid the heat, you have to plan what to wear to sleep, what to eat because hotness does not feed the appetite, and what to DRINK. I had a great acai smoothie from Juice Kaboose yesterday in La Jolla to beat the heat, but that didn’t last long because I was back to sweating everywhere within 10 min. I came back and thought about the long weekend ahead (happy Labor Day weekend ya’ll!) and figured I would need something cold and caffeinated in the morning to get me going after waking up in my bed full of sweat. So making cold brew iced coffee took some planning- you have to eagerly wait 12-24 hours for this baby to brew before you can drink up. No wonder cold brew coffee is so damn expensive to buy at coffee shops (cough cough cold brew in Palo Alto)! It takes time, and tons of grounds. Judging by the picture to this post, it seems like I have to make more today since its basically all gone after one drink. Anyway, have a fun, safe, and awake weekend ya’ll! 🙂

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