Acai Smoothie and Avocado – Power Breakfast

So I am back on the skinny grind- meaning I need to diet and exercise again to go back to my pre-summer weight. In addition, I plan to tone up the abs area asap (anyone got ideas)? I just came back to San Diego after a fantastic Summer in San Francisco. I came back and I was immediately struck by food poisoning. Apparently that didn’t do anything to my body besides put it in pain, so even poison can’t get rid of my excessive fat. Therefore, I am back on the skinny grind!

The first step to the skinny grind is to eat breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Why? It jump starts your body into gear after a long night sleep. It increases the metabolic rate (how fast you burn calories) and tells your body what to expect during the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body won’t process your next meal as quickly because your body is going to want to save everything because it doesn’t know when you will eat next. It is super important to have a breakfast routine! In addition, if you don’t eat breakfast, you tend to eat a bigger meal. That is obviously not good.

My current breakfast item is avocado on toast and an acai smoothie!!! In a previous post about acai bowls, I explained to you the benefits of acai. Pack that nutrition in the morning, and you are good to go! Avocado is a good fat, and a good alternative to slathering butter on your toast in the morning. So try this in the morning! (I also am obsessed currently with those 2 food items, I even eat/drink it for dinner!)

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Acai Bowl with Bee Pollen!

Hot Day? No Problem! Enjoy a vitamin, nutrition, flavor packed ACAI BOWL!!! If you live in SoCal, you totally should get acquainted with this delicious thing because its such a southern cali thing and they have it at a cafe in every beach area. NorCal people, get acquainted too because these are BOMB. My first ever acai bowl was at Swami’s Cafe, in between Del Mar and Solana Beach! I used to go all the time and after a gigantic meal of eggs and potatoes, I always ended with an acai bowl to share. It was also the first time I had BEE POLLEN. Swami’s puts it in the bowls, smoothies, or juices. It is such a dainty little thing and when I looked up where I can buy bee pollen in SD, my search came up with all these nutritional benefits of bee pollen.

What are the nutritional benefits of it? Bee pollen is considered a ‘super-food’ by nutritionalists because it is packed with proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, and antioxidants that can increase energy, sharpen memory, and has been said to be a natural remedy for things such as acne, allergies, and high cholesterol.

Where does it come from? When bees fly from each flower to another, the tiny dust particles of the male seed of the blossom sticks onto a bee’s legs, and the bee produces a number of enzymes into the collected pollen as well as saliva among other things. When bees come back to the hive, they pass through this grate the beekeepers built and subsequently the bee pollen falls into a container that collects it! Sounds awfully gross right? hahah well we eat honey!!!

What does it taste like? Tastes a little bit bitter and nutty.

Where can I get it? I got a bottle of it at Sprouts! It was $10.99 for a bottle. Its not cheap-that’s why restaurants and cafes put only a teaspoon on your order every time. But judging from my bottle, it could last me awhile. I plan to throw it into my protein shakes along with my chia seeds. You can also get it at farmers markets from people who sell honey. You have to ask for it.

But BEWARE: Some people may be allergic to bee pollen because they are allergic to airborne pollen or allergic to bee stings. Before you eat this thing, make sure you aren’t allergic or have specific allergies that might make you have a reaction. See a doctor if you aren’t sure!!! You could do a tolerance test, meaning take a kernal a day and increase it everyday until you reach a teaspoon. Read more on the link I provided below.

More about bee pollen here: Bee PollenRisks of Bee Pollen

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