Beef and Barley Soup!

Mmm beef and barley. Usually at restaurants, it is super salty and I always have to add water. Why not make it at home? The meat used is lean so it isnt as oily. I added kale and mushrooms because those are like my two favorite things. Did you know barley is part of the grass family? Weird, I  know. It is also used to ferment for beer and other distilled beverages. It is a high fiber and high protein grain- perfect for my obsession to get skinny with protein and lots of fiber. It is so delicious, I am so happy with the way it turned out!

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"The Soup"’s soup that only comes twice a year

Albondigas soup-[“the crazy meatball soup”]-Ever heard of it? Well I go to Souplantation [“The Soup”] with my friends a lot and one time we happened upon the Mexican theme when The Soup was doing the Around the World themed months. So I set down my tray and I go get soup because I’m usually uber cold everywhere. I see this soup, and thought well what the hell I’ll give it a try. So I scoop some up and go through dinner. I drink some of the soup and was pretty amazed by it! My bestie then went to go get some and there weren’t anymore!!! So I basically took the last ladle of her favorite soup. We decided at the dinner table that we would re-create it one day and so we did! This is my second time making it– I am sort of on this ‘make more soup’ phase and I craved it during the holidays!

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