Chocolate Custard Cake!

When I saw this cake on White on Rice Couple’s blog, my eyes grew big and immediately made the decision to make it…this week. This week also happened to my boss’ birthday and last day at the company so it was the perfect excuse to bake it. I ate a slice for breakfast to ‘test’ it out to make sure its not poisonous before I feed it to people. haha I ate it right out of the fridge – but you should eat it room temperature because it will have a more softened custard like texture. It also isn’t that sweet, so its perfect!

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Compost Cookies!

In the summer, I was exposed to the world of the Momofuku Milk Bar layer cakes. I was so obsessed with the way it looked that my very first cookbook became the Milk Bar cookbook! For those of you who don’t know this place, its a very famous bakery/restaurant in New York. Their layer cakes and cookies are made with a very interesting mix of ingredients. I spent all summer collecting different things required to make most of the things in the cookbook: cake rings, acetate, quarter sheet pans, glucose, grapeseed oil, mini choc chips for every flavor imaginable, milk powder– the list goes on and on. Its never ending if you want to make something from this cookbook haha! But its fun to walk around the grocery store and see something and be like OH! I can use it for X recipe in the cookbook! I followed the recipe exactly, but if I were to make it again, I would have made the cookie portions smaller because the cookies spread, and I like my cookies medium sized. My friends love them, so I guess I cant complain since I only eat like one. haha! The cookbook is great because the recipes reflect exactly what you get if you go to the actual bakery to buy it– even the sizing of it all is the same =) Recipe after the jump!

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